Qingdao Sino Crown Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
주요 제품:말린 mealworm, 말린 mealworm 분말, defated mealworm 단백질 분말, 검은 군인 파리 애벌레, mealworm 기름

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말린 밀웜
말린 Mealworm 분말
탈지 된 Mealworm 단백질 분말
Mealworm 오일

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About Us

Strength and Experience
The chairman has 20 years of experience in mealworm breeding, processing and sales, and enjoys the reputation of "China's insect king".
Research Patents
We are the only company in China that produces defatted mealworm protein powder and mealworm oil, and the world's largest producer of mealworm protein powder and mealworm oil.
Patent Certification
We are the first and only company in China's mealworm industry that has passed EU GMP+ certification. In addition, we has passed the U.S. FDA certification and the SeDex certification for human rights
Industrial Base
We are not only a characteristic industrial base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, and Shandong Agricultural University, but also a base for national policy support
Enterprise Planning
Our company plans to list on the IPO in 2025.